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Roses: The Meaning of Colour

Floriography is another name for the language of flowers. Every flower has its own meaning dependent on its colour and type. Show the recipient how you feel about them!

Artificial Red Roses silk flowers 9

Red Roses – Romance, Passion and Respect

White Roses – Purity, Innocence and Loyalty

Cream Roses – Appreciation, Thoughtfulness and Charm

Dark Pink Roses – Thank you and Gratitude

Light Pink Roses – Admiration, Grace and Eleganc

Artificial White Roses 7 2 silk flowers

Orange Roses – Desire, Enthusiasm and Fascination

Peach Roses – Gratitude, Modesty and Genuineness

Purple Roses – Love at First Sight, Enchantment and Wonder

Blue Roses – Mystery, Unattainable Love and Secrecy

Artificial Blue Rose silk flowers 3

Once you know which flower colour and what bouquets you want to decorate your home with, please remember about floral colour change and how this can impact your decision. That’s why artificial flowers is a solid choice. You get what you want throughout the year!

Why Blueberry Street?

At Blueberry Street Flowers we have a magnificent range of artificial flowers bouquets suitable for both giftings or for personal home décor. There are many benefits of artificial flowers and we provide flower delivery to all areas of mainland UK in our unique bespoke packaging complete with your personal message.

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