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How to clean artificial flowers

All of our artificial flowers bouquets are made to last, and that is just one of the many benefits of artificial flowers. Like any long-term relationship, you will need to show them some love in order to ensure they last as long as possible. Don’t worry, it’s a lot simpler than you think.

We’ve got 4 top tips on how to clean your artificial bouquets*

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1. The weekly routine

You usually run a duster around the house every week and we recommend adding your artificial flowers into this routine; it’s an ideal way to keep your flowers looking like new. Simply use a feather or any other normal household duster, or microfibre cloth, on each flower gently to remove any light dust. See, simple!

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2. The SpRing Clean

If you find you don’t have time every week, don’t worry just use your ‘right I must clean this house’ moment to get out the vacuum cleaner and remove more stubborn dust. Don’t however just put the suction straight onto the flowers or you can wave bye to your buds. Over the end of the vacuum hose use either a thin cloth or something like a sock, to cover the end. Secure this if needed with an elastic band, or hair bobble, and then gently clean the flowers one by one.

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3. Blow away the cobwebs

Ever thought about using a hairdryer to clean? With a hairdryer on a cool setting, you are able to hold each artificial flower and quite literally blow away the cobwebs! Go easy though, hairdryers are quite powerful and you don’t want to damage your flowers in the process. Hold the hairdryer further away to start with, until you can judge a safe distance that does not cause damage. An amazing was to remove more stubborn dust – even team this up with a duster if you’ve got a bit more dust than usual.

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4. Getting professional

You can purchase artificial flower cleaners, sites such as amazon to have products that can be used, but ensure you read the bottle before applying to your flowers. We won’t be able to help if you damage a bouquet by using any other products. We highly recommend trying options 1 -3 before using anything that may contain chemicals on your arrangement. It’s amazing to think you can keep your artificial flowers looking like new using simple household items and part of already established routines. Unlike real flowers, which are subject to weather damage our artificial arrangements will last the test of time if you show them some love, there is no need to water or take these flowers to the bin after a few days, we’re all about making beautiful arrangements last longer.

*Please note all of the above recommendations are given as guidance and we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused whilst using one of the above techniques to clean your artificial flower arrangements. If you have any more detailed questions on cleaning your flowers, email [email protected] and we would be happy to discuss.

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