Beating the New Years Blues with Mood Booster Artificial Flowers

Christmas has been and gone, we have waved goodbye to 2021, welcomed in the New Year…now what? After all of the excitement of Christmas and New Year celebrations, we can often feel low, especially as January is a famously grey and dreary month. So, we are here to tell you how you can use artificial flowers to boost your mood to start your New Year off right.

In this article we are going to focus on the colour of flowers, but we also have an article on our favourite artificial flowers to brighten up grey days, which might also be useful to you!

Using Colour to New Year Blues:

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Did you know that colour can have a huge impact on our moods? There is actually something called chromotherapy- or colour therapy- which is said to help to positively affect our moods, which we think is perfect for this time of year when a lot of us are feeling a bit down. 

But, knowing where to begin with chromotherapy can be difficult, so we are going to give you a run down of the meanings of different colours, so you know which ones might be suitable for you to inject into your dreary January. 

Orange: Orange is a colour that we may associate with the summer, and it is good for creating feelings of strength, energy and motivation. If you are lacking some motivation for the New Year, then bringing some orange into your life might be the solution!

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Red: Although we might think that red flowers mean love and romance, they can also signify a range of other feelings, including passion and strength. But, in Chinese culture, the colour red is represents good fortune and luck, which we think are great feelings to kick off the New Year with.

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Orange Roses Orange Artificial Flowers
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Yellow: Yellow is renowned for being a happy, cheerful colour, especially as it often reminds us of sunny days, which, let’s face it, we are all daydreaming about right now! Not only that, but yellow also helps to create feelings positivity, and is also a colour linked with friendship (yellow roses are THE ultimate friendship flowers). Injecting some yellow into this time of year is sure to bring some joy to your January. 

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Green: Green is a colour that is heavily associated with nature, and it is well known that spending time in nature can help to improve our moods when we are feeling down. So, we think that by increasing the amount of green in your indoor space can help to simulate the feelings of calm and focus that being out in nature can create. 

If you want to steer away from plants, you can opt for green flowers, such as these green roses

Pink: Much like yellow, pink is also a colour that is linked to feelings of friendship and joy. Not only that, but they are also associated with feelings of comfort- meaning a bouquet of beautiful pink flowers would make the perfect gift to cheer up a friend who is struggling this New Year.

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Blue: This might be a more unusual colour for flowers, but blue is known for having a calming effect on people. We think incorporating more of the colour blue into your house, and particularly your bedroom, is perfect if you want to cultivate a more calm, relaxed energy for 2022.

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Purple: This colour is traditionally associated with luxury and with royalty- so we think that, like orange, it could help to motivate you to achieve all of your New Year’s resolutions!

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White: White is a colour that is commonly associated with feelings of purity, innocence and loyalty. However, white can also represent new beginnings, which might just be the perfect sentiment to help you shake off 2021, and embrace 2022.

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Why Choose Blueberry Street Flowers for Mood Boosting Artificial Flowers?

There are many benefits of artificial flowers, but at Blueberry Street, we offer a magnificent range of hypoallergenic silk flower bouquets, which are made up of numerous stems that are arranged and hand-tied into a beautiful arrangement. Our bouquets are perfect for both gifting and personal home décor and are sprayed with a unique floral scent, to make our faux flowers feel even more real!

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