Cheerful Days

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A simply stunning artificial flower bouquet containing Ivory, Yellow, Pink and Green Gerbera

About These Faux Floral Arrangements

  • The artificial bouquet is sprayed with lily scent fragrance oils to ensure that the recipient experiences the full wow factor of the product. A perfect gift for all occasions
  • This bouquet is delivered through the door in our bespoke packaging with a gift card including your personal message
  • Standard Size – 3 x Ivory Gerbera, 3 x Yellow Gerbera, 3 x Hot Pink Gerbera, 3 x Lime Green Gerbera
  • Luxury Size – 5 x Ivory Gerbera, 5 x Yellow Gerbera, 5 x Hot Pink Gerbera, 5 x Lime Green Gerbera
  • Grande Size – 7 x Ivory Gerbera, 7 x Yellow Gerbera, 7 x Hot Pink Gerbera, 7 x Lime Green Gerbera
  • Please note the bouquet pictured is the Luxury size and the vase is not included when purchasing these faux floral arrangements (Stem size approx 30cm).

Artificial Flowers


Our Artificial Flowers / Faux Flowers / Silk Flowers

Each flower bouquet is made up of numerous individual stems that are arranged and hand-tied into a beautiful flower arrangement. The flower arrangements include Roses, Lilies, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Sunflowers, Gerberas and many more. The artificial flowers /faux flowers / silk flowers bouquet is sprayed with a unique floral scent to ensure the recipient receives the most enjoyment from the product, they won’t be able to tell the difference verses the real thing.


The Benefits Of Faux Floral Arrangements vs Real Floral Arrangements

1. Not Restricted By Season – If you have a particular favourite flower type such as a lilies, this can be displayed in your house all year round. No more waiting for them to come into season. Love Peonies? They can be on your table 12 months a year and so can Sunflowers.

2. No Waiting – All faux floral arrangements arrive in full bloom so there is no waiting for the buds to open. They can be placed in a vase immediately and displayed around the house.

3. Pet Friendly – Some real flower types can be harmful to pets, in particularly lilies which can be poisonous. With artificial flowers, you won’t have to worry about this!

4. Low Maintenance – These faux floral arrangements require no watering, supplements or special lighting. They can be maintained by any level of expertise, making them the perfect gift.

5. Cleanliness – With artificial flowers, there are no withering leaves or flowers to pick up, no soil or water spillages and no rotting stems to throw away. It means you get time back in your busy life to do things you want to be doing.

6. Resilience –   Artificial flower bouquets are unlikely to be damaged by being accidentally knocked over. They should be able to withstand unwanted attention from children and pets.

7. Long Lasting – Silk flowers last longer than real flowers. These bouquets won’t rot and die. They will last as long as you wish to display or refresh them.

8. Cost – Faux floral arrangements are relatively inexpensive as they simply don’t die. Replacing fresh flowers every one to two weeks can be costly and this is one of the benefits to faux flowers.

9. Allergies – Are you fed up with itchy eyes and runny noses? Artificial flowers are hypoallergenic so you can enjoy our simply stunning bouquets without reaching for the tissues


Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 59 × 19 × 15 cm

Standard, Luxury, Grande

2 reviews for Cheerful Days

  1. Clare (verified owner)

    Beautiful flowers, stunning colours and all arrived on-time beautifully packaged. Thank you so much. Thank you too for accommodating last minute changes to the note I left!

  2. Amanda Osmond (verified owner)

    Bought these for my Mums birthday and she loves them. They are so well made and packaged well. Will be ordering for myself!

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